Life after your dead!?

Does anyone ever wonder what actually happens once your gone?! Like who really is affected by it? I question myself If anyone would be devastated if something happened to me tomorrow? Would they be ready? Would they actually miss me? Would they regret all the times they mistreated me?! For the ones that ever hated me or thought I was annoying…would they be the least bit affected by my passing? I would be that one to wanna witness everyone grieve over me! As weird as that is, I get used, disrespected and mistreated by the ones that “supposedly love me!” I’m speaking about my own damn BLOOD! So pathetic I have to wonder and think this way! Y’all please comment or message me to let me know i’m not the only one in this world that feels this way! I swear i’m not as crazy as this post may make me out to be! I just wonder…

You wouldn’t believe how many have come up to asking me if I’m old enough to be working at a booth by myself! I ask them “why” they say I look like “I should still be in high school” and that I look to be the ages of 16-18! A part of me takes that as a compliment while the other half of me is offended because I’m NOT a irresponsible kid who is still in HIGH SCHOOL! Y’all know that saying when people assume! (ASS-U-ME…) #Annoyed

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